“The kindergarten is run in an excellent way – the children are under the care of a speech therapist, there are theatre performances, excursions e.g. to police headquarters, meetings with representatives of various professions. The children have continuous contact with English, and classes in this language are conducted in a professional way, adequate to the children’s possibilities and age. The above description is confirmed by my child’s smiling face when he wakes up every morning and cannot wait to go to the kindergarten, and doesn’t want to go home when I come to pick him up. The kindergarten maintains very high standards and I hope it will continue to do so. I also want to enrol my daughter there.”

Kacper’s mother


“Every day our son Jacek goes to EU kindergarten in Sopot with pleasure and this is the best recommendation for this establishment. We, the parents, can see the teachers who take care of the children in a well-considered manner. The children are safe, every day they learn new skills and consolidate the ones they have already acquired. The approach to the children is individualised. The children learn new things, including English, through games in calm and happy atmosphere – with great results. We have observed creative freedom which is given to children. The children like and respect each other. They cooperate and not compete in games. Almost every day they go for walks and play games in the open air, unless extreme weather conditions make it impossible. We are also really pleased that Jacek doesn’t catch colds in the kindergarten. For tea the children get nutritious vegetable soup. The kindergarten provides the children with continuous access to fresh fruit and drinks.”

Jacek’s parents


“I am the mother of 5-year-old Amelia, who has been attending EU Kids kindergarten in Sopot since 2010. When I was searching for a kindergarten for my daughter, I obviously took into consideration its offer, qualified staff, appearance, facilities and safety – all the above are guaranteed by EU Kids kindergarten. My daughter had no contact with the English language before she was admitted to the kindergarten. Now (despite frequent absences) she knows a lot of words, sings songs in English and understands the majority of teachers’ requests. Thanks to the fact that the activities are conducted in English all day long, my daughter learns words and phrases in a natural way. We are both very pleased with “our kindergarten”. Every day there is a problem with taking my daughter home from the kindergarten, and I think this is the best testimony to the fact that she loves being  there. The teachers provide the children with many educational activities, games and walks, which is extremely important for me. I can recommend EU Kids kindergarten to all other parents with full responsibility.”

Amelia’s mother


“The conditions for the children’s education and play are very good. The kindergarten is always well-maintained and aesthetic. The big garden with private playground is an advantage. The members of staff are professional and responsible. They create pleasant atmosphere, thanks to which the children feel good. Visits of theatrical and music groups in the kindergarten are attractive for the children.”

Ola’s mother


“It is with great pleasure that I recommend EU Kids kindergarten in Sopot. My six-year-old daughter Natalia has been attending the kindergarten since September 2009; she was the first child enrolled at EU Kids. Natalia likes her kindergarten very much, there are always problems when she has to leave the kindergarten, as she doesn’t want to go home. I am very pleased both with the way my child is cared for (food, games, walks) and with the education in the kindergarten. The children have classes in English every day; they work with the coursebook systematically and in accordance with the curriculum. I had been planning to send my daughter to school in September 2010, but finally I decided to leave her for another year in EU Kids. My 3-year-old son Piotr will start his adventure with EU Kids kindergarten in September 2011.”

Natalia’s and Piotr’s mother


“Our daughter began primary education in EU Kids kindergarten at the age of 2.5 years. At that time she had basic knowledge of the English language. From the very beginning the teachers addressed the children in English. The classes are conducted in the form of games, and the oldest age group also realises the original pre-school curriculum. The kindergarten provides very good teachers’ care, very high level of English language teaching and home-like atmosphere, which is possible thanks to the limited number of places. Our daughter can already understand not only basic, but also more complex requests, and takes active part in performances and group games conducted in English. We have to admit that we had been searching for a long time for an English-language kindergarten in the Tri-City, and only EU Kids fulfilled our expectations.”

Ania’s parents