Summer programme

In July and August our kindergarten realises an interesting educational programme in the English language. Each week will be devoted to one topic.

Travels in time

  • Week I : Living like the Flintstones – a trip to the Stone Age

    • Young archaeologists and their excavations
    • Designing a cave and wall paintings – drawing with coal / making paints
    • Kindling the fire and roasting the food which has been procured
    • Creating a model of prehistoric jungle
    • Prehistoric jewellery – shells, animal teeth, leaves, stones

    During the first week of summer holidays we will be following in the footsteps of some of our favourite cartoon characters – the Flintstones, who present the life of Stone age people in an amusing way. We will design our own caves and learn how to kindle the fire, but this is only the beginning of our prehistoric adventure. At the end of the week we will turn into young archaeologists, exploring mysterious places in search for traces of the past.

  • Week II: At the mount Olympus- how did the ancient Greeks live?

    • Fashion show of ancient Greeks
    • Olympic Games – sports competition in the garden
    • Building Greek monuments – construction-focused activities (exercises with geometrical figures)
    • Competition based on knowledge acquired in interest groups

    During our week in ancient Greece there will be plenty of attractions for active travellers. We will be competing in various sports during the Olympic Games. The next challenge will be the knowledge competition. Prepare yourselves for fierce competition and great fun! The ancient Greece fashion show will be particularly attractive for our little girls.

  • Week III: At King Arthur’s court- in the world of knights and princesses

    • Knights’ tournament – practising the aim and shooting at the target
    • Manufacturing sandwiches
    • Lesson in court dances
    • Building a castle and creating court accessories

    In the next week we will be transferred to the world of knights and princesses. In order to experience the atmosphere of the Middle Ages we will construct our own castle and make the necessary props, so that we will be able to fight our opponents during the knights’ tournament and enjoy our victory, dancing and playing during the feast at the castle.

  • Week IV: The Wild West

    • Indian village and building a tepee
    • Team competition, including the game of dodgeball – Indians against cowboys
    • On the prairie – becoming cowboys – games with lassos on self-made horses
    • Searching for gold – “sheriff against the robbers” game
    • On the trail of Indians – painting with the use of feet

    You can earn the name of a real traveller in space and time without experiencing the hardships of life in the Wild West. We will look at this world from the perspective of both the cowboys and the Indians – you have to decide yourself whose side you want to be on, as it won’t be possible to avoid confrontation! Get on your mustang and ride with us across wide steppes and prairies in search for gold and adventures! And if your horse refuses to participate in the game, don’t worry – you will create your own horse with us!

  • Week V: Travels in Space

    • Models of planets and the Solar System
    • Building a spaceship and playing astronauts
    • Cosmic food
    • Rocks and minerals – cosmic jewellery

    At the end of our travelling we will discover the mysterious world of space. We will become astronauts and discover the whole Solar System in a spaceship of our own construction. During this week everything will be cosmic! Cosmic jewellery, cosmic food and cosmic fun!


The attractions described above, and many more, await every child who will be taking part in our journey through space and time with EU Kids. We warmly invite you to join us!